Restore and Rebalance

Over time, your body surrenders to habitual patterns which have been adopted because of physical and emotional stressors which reduce your mobility, resulting in body pain, distress and suffering.

In turn this impacts your daily function and reduces your quality of life.

Current research is revealing that often pain and mobility issues within the body are globally based, therefore a more holistic, or full body approach has a profound impact in treatments, rather than site specific adjustments.

Furthermore, combining remedial techniques which include both hands-on and functional training creates a treatment which not only reduces pain and increases your quality of life but creates a more structurally sound posture, increases confidence, and greatly reduces the possibility of further injury.

Treatment programmes run for 8-10 weeks. Beginning with a full body assessment, looking at how your body moves and your general posture.

Your programme will be designed using a combination of hands-on and functional movement sessions. Treatment flows from head to toe, in order to bring structures back into their relative alignment.


My hands-on therapy approach combines fascia release, muscle activation and massage techniques that include acupressure and stretching, to reboot the body, releasing areas of tension, waking up dormant muscles and calming overstimulated areas. This aims to restore balance within your body and provides us with a sound base to build from.


Together we will look at ways of re-educating your body, mobilising and activating key areas to increase your stability and body awareness. Specific sessions will be incorporated into your plan designed to counter-balance your daily habits allowing your body to establish harmony.


Finally, we introduce full body strength and control with corrective exercises which will give sustainability to your new posture, allowing your body to operate to its fullest potential for longer, with the ability to resist injury, boosting you further forward into your life.


Online self-care session are available if you are unable to make it to the clinic.

During these one to one sessions I will guide you step by step through a self-administered modification of your programme. Teaching you the specific massage and fascia techniques for your body and educating you about the structures involved along the way, giving you all the tools you need to self treat at home. Send me a message in the contact page here to find out more.


  • Home Office Lunchtime Unwind Wednesday 12.30pm

    Our focussed mid-week melt aim specifically for the non commuter. Has your dinning room table found a second life as a home office desk? Is your body complaining about this change? Join us for a mid-week unwinding, finding greater movement in your home office and saying goodbye to those new nasty niggles.

  • Stretch Sunday Live Sunday 3.00pm

    Our much loved Stretch Sunday is back and this time it’s Live! Join me for a full body stretch every Sunday at 3.00pm, bring the family and make some restorative shapes with elements borrowed from yoga and pilates complimented with some functional movement and mindful relaxation.