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My Story

My fascination with human anatomy started around 2013 during my time as a long-distance runner. Although I was able to achieve great distances, I often found I was having to take time out due of injuries which disrupted my training. I mainly suffered from shin splints and ankles mobility issues, and I generally felt that my body wasn’t performing in the way that I wanted and expected it to.

This frustration led me to researching better running and recovery techniques and above all how to be injury free. My curiosity and drive propelled me towards a career in personal training. Shortly after qualifying I focused my new skills on working with mobility referrals from GPs and clients recovering from injury.

Alongside this career shift, I started Olympic style weightlifting in the gym, as part of my own training program. It was at this point that I discovered the magic of training in harmony with my monthly cycle, which now forms the basis of my women’s health treatments.

And although I was seeing some great results with my clients, I believed there was more I could do to help the longevity of pain free living and restoration of function. That was the trigger moment for me to train as a manual therapist and expanded my skill set even further.

I now combine all of my disciplines to customise client treatments, offering pain management, injury rehabilitation and goal focused training support.


BTEC 6 Advance Clinical and Sports Massage, Jing Advance Massage Training


Advance Myofascia Release, Jing Advance Massage Training


International Diploma in MSK Medical Acupuncture, OMT Training

International Diploma in Electro - Acupuncture and Electro - Dry Needling, OMT Training


International Diploma in Myofascial Cupping Therapy Dip. MCP, OMT Training


Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage, Jing Advance Massage Training


Athletic Taping & Strapping, OMT Training

Level 3 Personal Trainer, Active IQ

Level 3 GP Referral, Active IQ

Indoor Cycling Instructor - MyRide/CBC, ICG


The Fascia Hub

The Fascia Foot 

The Fascia Pelvis

The Fascia Heart

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