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Posture - The Good, The Bad and The Optimal

Posture - The Good and The Bad

Your posture is unique, it is as personal as the collection of odd socks at the back of your draw. There is nobody else who has been, done or seen the exact same things as you or experienced it the exact same way as you have.

Thought-out our lives, we all collected our own array of bodily tensions. These can be acquired a number of ways; lifestyle patterns, both occupational and recreational, emotion lead attitudes and from imitating movements we develop.

These, plus many others, all contribute to creating your posture. They become your tilts, twists and bends, and in turn dictate how you move, or in many cases, how you don’t move today.

Yes, you are very special indeed.

How do you know if your posture is correct? What is considered good and what is considered bad?

I wonder, rather than labelling posture as “bad” or “good” we see posture that causes pain, restricts your mobility or impacts your wellbeing as dysfunctional and posture that is balanced and allows you to meet, or ever better, exceed your goals becomes optimal.

So, our question becomes, how do you find optimal posture?

Simply put, it's going to be different to everyone. Don’t forget, your posture is unique so your way to finding optimal will be too.

The Optimal

The client pictured above suffered from chronic low back and neck pain for a number of years, he experienced headaches on a regular basis and had frequent asthmatic symptoms.

It is clear from the initial postural photo we took at the beginning of our first session where his body is distorting.

There is a visible rounding of the upper back, shoulders have a slight internal rotation causing a shortening across the chest, his pelvis has an anterior tilt and if you look through the central line of his body, you will see that his head sits much further forward causing his neck to lengthen at the back.

Identifying which structures have become dysfunctional, gives us a really good foundation to form a treatment plan.

Over the course of just three sessions, we have soften, and elongate areas which had become locked and have calmed down overactive area. We have then re-educated nervous system and built strength in order to maintain better function.

As you can see from the postural photo taken at the end of the third session that we were been able to make incredible changes. In turn this has greatly reduced low back and neck pain, illuminated headaches and improved breathing capacity.

All this after just three sessions! Now that's pretty cool.

Stay unique, it suits you.

Are you interested in finding out more about your own posture? I offer consultation only sessions where we can take a detailed look at your tilts, shifts, twists and bends.

For more information on treatments, contact me via the contact form or email me at

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